Yoga-Breath-Adventure Retreat: 21-25/10

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Let’s Reconnect – Come together in Union, Healing & Love!
[21/10 – 25/10 – 2021]

See our Intromovie HERE!

Join us in an extended Healing Weekend Retreat with Ceremonies, Yoga, Soundhealing, Therapies, Lifestyle Coachings, The Wim Hof Method (Ice Baths & Breathwork etc), & Nature Adventures or Extremesports in the area of beautiful Málaga on Costa del Sol.

Connect with like-minded people & make new life-long friendships!

Tickets are limited to 20 people per Retreat, to guarantee the best experience and attention for every single individual.

You pay 100€ to reserve your spot online and get your Ticket. The rest of the Retreat are paid for later, when you arrive (385€ in cash as the 100€ is already discounted from the full amount.
That will make the amount in total: 485€ – for EVERYTHING included.

Only a few tickets left – get yours now!



Would you like to come on a healing Journey? To reconnect with yourself, each other & our mother Gaia under our feet? To get away from the big material city, the daily life, responsibilities and back to nature?

Connect with like-minded people & make new life-long friendships!

With Sacred Rapé- Cacao & Tobacco Ceremonies, Yoga, Meditation, Pilates, Breathwork, Lifestyle Coachings, Therapies, The Wim Hof Method (Ice Baths & Breathwork etc), Nature excursions or extremesports and staying in one of Andalucia’s most stunning locations.
Fire in the colder months, Songs and Rituals inside and outside the Teepees, we will re-unite as one. Especially important in theese times where we, the Planet and the Universe really need it.

To help you rest, relax and rejuvenate, TrustGaia Retreats offers stunning views over the magical mountains of Cártama.

What does it consist of?

TrustGaia Retreats, the holistic element of TrustGaia, is focused on designing and organising activities aimed at improving the quality of our lives by focusing on health, well-being and personal/spiritual growth.


What we offer:

Airport pick-up and drop-off.



Digital Detox.


Hamman (Steam Bath).

Pilates (15€ extra).

Teepees, Domes, Me Pods & Double/Single-rooms accommodation in the Retreat house.

One-to-one consultations.

Sharing circles.

Lifestyle Coachings.

Cimena nights in the pool area.

The Wim Hof Method (Ice Baths & Breathwork etc) by an experienced & educated Wim Hof Trainer.

Extremesports with educated guides, such as Climbing, Scubadiving & Paragliding (extra cost).

1 Tobacco Ceremony.

1 Rapé Ceremony.

1 Cacao Ceremony.

1 Sananga Ceremony.

Day trips to places like El Chorro with Canoe & Paddle Board, Nerja for Hiking in water (Rio Chillar) & Barranco Blanco with Waterfall.

Healing massages and therapies (extra cost).

Personal Training (45 mins – 65€).

Human design reading (45 mins – 45€).

Mayan astrology (45 mins – 45€).

Delicious & Organic sourced 100% plant-based diet food.

Grounding and integrating together every day.

Cosmic sound ceremony with SoundSpirits, a deep shamanic journey to heal the physical and energetic body, using ancient and modern instruments; including Tibetan and Crystal Bowls, Temple Bells, Tuning Forks, Crystal Pyramid, Monochord, Overtone Singing, Various Flutes, Gongs, Drums and Handpans.

Workshops to teach overtone singing, how to heal with Tibetan bowls + the history and theory behind it.  And how to use tunning forks to heal yourself and others. (15€ per person per workshop).

A talk on sacred tobacco, how to use and prepare it, its uses in ceremony ect.

Preparation + use of Rapé and Sananga, followed by a small ceremony with both – and a drumming journey.

Somatic BreathWork session to naturally release your own DMT, with live music.


Is it for you?

Our passion and drive are to heal and treat the issues that are obstacles for our fellow human beings, whether it’s physical, energetic, emotional, mental or spiritual. 

It can be issues like addiction, anxiety, depression and anger – we can dive deep down in the unconcious mind – to discover where the energy is stuck.

We are also welcoming everyone without any issues, that just want an amazing experience in a more modern and luxury native american tradition!


You should know that …

  • We will have Inner-Journeys such as:
  • Yoga, Pilates, Breathwork, Ice Baths, Meditations, Sun Salutations, etc.
  • Soundhealing by Didgeridoo & Tibetan Singing Bowls.
  • We will have Outer Journeys such as:
  • Hiking- and nature Adventures in some of Spain’s most beautiful destinations.
  • Extremesports.
  • There will also be offered healing energy Therapies and Massages, for those who are in need.
  • Lifestyle Coachings.
  • Personal Training.
  • Human design reading.
  • Mayan astrology.
  • Digital Detox.
  • Possibility to go to the lake nearby or waterfalls, relax or do Yoga/coaching there aswell, at sunset/sunrise.
  • Cimena nights in the pool area.
  • The Retreat bus can pick you up in Málaga Airport, only 40 mins from the Retreat, and it will aswell transport you on the Adventure days 🙂
  • You pay 485€ in total for everything included at your healing Retreat.
    You pay 100€ when you book the ticket here in the shop, to reserve your spot and to get your ticket sent by email. – The rest of the Retreat are paid for later, when you arrive. (385€ in cash as the 100€ are already discounted).

The program for the week will be sent to your e-mail directly after your booking, to prepare you best possible for the Retreat.

“When we are clearing our inner worlds, it gives us new and clean free space, that allows us to create new realities as we want them and the possiblity to heal the inner child.”


The Ceremonies:

SoundHealing with the didgeridoos, who were developed by Aboriginal peoples of northern Australia at least 1,500 years ago

Gregg Chapman will join us with his magical heart & instruments to create some wonderful soundbaths for everyone that can really touch your inner being and heal any wounds! See his intro movie here: Didgeridoo


Tobacco is also known as ‘el Abuelo’ or ‘The Grandfather’.

Tobacco can either be smokeable “Mapacho”, pulverised “Rapé” or infused with water as a “Tobacco Tea”.
The benefits of the Tobacco can in the different ways help you to clear the space, release negative energies or give you clarity and ground you. 


Rapé brings you to a place of acute attention and awareness. The mind becomes quieter, negativity clears our, and emotional tensions release.

People often feel more grounded during the experience, allowing them to clear up confusions or discomfort about an issue they may have been experiencing.

If you focus on the intention you set, you may easily find what you were looking for, be it a state of consciousness or an answer to a question.

Your mind gets purged of everything it needs to let go of. The body often follows suit.



For those of you foreign to Cacao Ceremonies, Cacao Ceremonies are a celebratory ritual that opens the heart through the use of cacao.

Other meditation modalities are used such as sound baths or smoking rituals.

Traditionally Cacao Ceremonies have been conducted by the Maya and Ancient Aztec civilization.

Origins source back to 1900 B.C. Ceremonies were conducted by ancient shamans, to prepare for or be propelled into journeys.

Modern day Cacao Ceremonies are still conducted.


Before leaving home

We recommend that you bring:
Comfortable Yoga-, walking- clothes.
Swimming gear + flipflops, if you want to cool off in our big pool, the lake or the waterfall – maybe you also want to enjoy our Sauna or Steam Bath (Hamman).
Bathrope or towel, if you have.
Trainers for walking/hiking.
Bring also warm clothes, a sunhat and a bottle for your water.


And at lunchtime…

“Come and have your taste spots sensationlized and set on fire, by great food from all over the world – we are gonna travel through different countries with lots of tasty vegetarian options.
– Spoil yourself with the finest healthy food, that will show you the gates of heaven!”

Our food is organic sourced & 100% delicious vegetarian, high vibrational and medicine friendly nutritions.

3 meals a day! Including dessert, water, teas, coffees, fruit bowls, cookie jars and picnic-food for the adventure days.

Please let us know if you have any allergies, so that we can have that in mind, before collecting the food.



We offer our guests a lovely stay in our authentic Native American Teepees, Domes, Me Pods or in single/double rooms inside the Retreat house – whatever fits you best – we have 14 rooms to choose between.

Teepees & Domes are build in a form that contains the energy best possible and your best connection to source.

Please let us know up front with your booking, what kind of accommodation you prefer – they are all same price (except for private rooms + 15€ per night).

An extra night is available if needed, as many of our clients comes from abroad.

We will be cleaning the communal spaces very deeply, every day (as per Covid rules)


Are you interested in knowing more about TrustGaia Retreats and what we have been doing at other locations and other events, which are not held at Valle de Vida?
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  • Watch the preparation video, made by our coach, Dennis Kiers!
  • If you after the Retreat, want to continue your journey with us, to another event that we arrange in another location, to experience a Bufo Alvarius Ceremony – then book your ticket HERE

Price includes…

  • 5 days and 4 nights.
  • Complete Retreat.
  • Food.
  • Ice baths every day.
  • Breathwork.
  • Ceremonies.
  • 1 x Cimena night in the pool area.
  • 1 x Sauna.
  • 1 x Hamman Steam Bath.
  • Yoga.
  • Lifestyle Coachings.
  • SoundHealing.
  • Nature Adventures.
  • Transportation to and from the airport and on the adventure days.
  • Connection with like minded people.
  • Digital Detox.


  • Price is per person.
  • It includes taxes.
  • Food/drinks or activities not mentioned here, are not included.
  • Restrictions apply.
  • Flight tickets are not included.
  • The rest of the Retreat, besides of the deposit will be paid on arrival, directly with us.
  • It’s not allowed to bring drugs and alcohol.
  • TrustGaia can refund you as soon as and no later than 14 days after you have received the ticket or you have sent proof of having returned the ticket, whichever is earlier.
  • We do not accept more than 20 people per Retreat in order to ensure everyone gets the attention they deserve.
  • *Please note that our prices include shared accommodation (2 per Teepee/Dome/Room) in order to keep the costs low
    Private accommodation is also available at extra cost (15€ extra per night) – please ask when booking your stay.
  • Sauna or SteamBath (Hamman) [1 x each is for free!] The rest costs 30€ per session (2 hours and can include up to 16 people).
  • Cinema night on a big screen in the pool area [1 x is for free!] The rest  costs 30€ per session.
  • We recommend that you choose to have travel insurance, in case of last-minute cancellation.


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