Healing-Adventure Retreat: 20/8-24/8-21

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Let’s Reconnect – Come together in Union, Healing & Love!
[16/7 – 20/7 – 2021]

Join us in an extended weekend Retreat with Ceremonies, Yoga & Adventures in the area of beautiful Málaga on Costa del Sol.

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Tickets are limited to 15 people per Retreat, to guarantee the best experience.

You pay 60€ to reserve your spot online and get your Ticket. The rest of the Retreat and the extra Ceremonies are chosen and paid for later, when you arrive (215€ in cash as the 60€ is already discounted from the full amount.
That will make the amount in total: 275€.

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What does it consist of?

TrustGaia Retreats, the holistic element of TrustGaia, is focused on designing and organising activities aimed at improving the quality of our lives by focusing on health, well-being and personal/spiritual growth.

Consist of an extended weekend Retreat with Ceremonies, Yoga & Adventures in the area of beautiful Málaga on Costa del Sol.

Is it for you?

Would you like to come on a healing Journey? To reconnect with yourself, each other & our mother Gaia under our feet? To get away from the big material city, the daily life, responsibilities and back to nature?

With Sacred Cacao-, Rapé- & other Plant Medicines. Fire, Songs and Rituals in the Yurta, we will re-unite as one. Especially important in theese times where we and the Planet really needs it.

To help you rest, relax and rejuvenate, TrustGaia Retreats offers stunning views over the mountains of Cártama.

You should know that …

  • We will have Inner-Journeys such as:
    Ceremonies, Yoga, Breathwork, Meditations, Sun Salutations, Sound healing with Tibetan Singing Bowls, Didgeridoo, etc.
  • We will have Outer Journeys such as hiking Adventures in some of Spain’s most beautiful Nature destinations.
  • There will also be offered healing Therapies for free, for those who are in need.
  • Possibility to go to the beach or waterfalls, relax or do Yoga there aswell, at sunset/sunrise.
  • The Retreat bus can pick you up in Málaga Airport, only 20 mins from the Retreat, and it will aswell transport you on the Adventure days 🙂
  • You pay 275€ in total. 60€ to reserve your spot and get your ticket. The rest of the Retreat and the Ceremonies are chosen and paid for later, when you arrive (215€ in cash as the 60€ is already discounted+ if you wanna do the extra Ceremonies that are offered besides of the program).
  • You’ll find more information about the Ceremonies in this PDF.

The program for the extended weekend will be sent to your e-mail, aswell as extra instructions to prepare you better for the Ceremonies & Retreat.

See an example of the Program in English./Or in Spanish – You can also meet our Team

Before leaving home

We recommend that you bring comfortable Yoga clothes and swimming gear if you want to cool off in our pool. Bring also warm clothes, sleeping pad + bag and a tent if you prefer your own space for the nights. Many are going to sleep together like a family tribe on madresses in the Tipi tent, but maybe you have your own tent or you can lent one from us. We also have the Retreat house with 10 beds, divided in 2 rooms. The choice is yours and how you feel in the moment. 

And at lunchtime…

Delicious Vegan meals are served and made with love from our coocking team.

Price includes…

  • 5 days and 4 nights.
  • Retreat with Food, Ceremonies, Yoga & Adventures.
  • Transportation to and from the airport and on the adventure days.
  • Free Therapies if needed.
  • Connection with like minded people.


  • Price is per person.
  • It includes taxes.
  • Food/drinks or activities not mentioned here, are not included.
  • Restrictions apply.
  • Flight tickets are not included.
  • The rest of the Retreat & Ceremonies are chosen and paid for on arrival directly with the Shaman.
  • It’s not allowed to bring drugs and alcohol.
  • TrustGaia can refund you as soon as and no later than 14 days after you have received the ticket or you have sent proof of having returned the ticket, whichever is earlier.
  • You should stick to the diet that you’ll receive by email or can be watched as a movie HERE, to benefit most from your Retreat and to not influence the other participants too much with negative energies. One week before and one week after the Retreat, you should NOT consume: Drugs, alkohol, red meat, spicy foods (chili, garlic, red pepper), fermented foods. No sexual activity and moderate consumption of salt and sugar.


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