Bufo Alvarius Ceremony: 25/10-2021

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Let’s Reconnect – Come together in Union, Healing & Love!
[25/10 – 2021]

Join us in a magical & life changing Ceremony in the area of beautiful Málaga on Costa del Sol.

Tickets are limited to 6 people per Ceremony, to guarantee the best experience and attention for every single individual.

You pay 100€ to reserve your spot online and get your Ticket. The rest of the Ceremony is paid for later, when you arrive (100€ in cash as the 100€ is already discounted from the full amount.
That will make the amount in total: 200€ – for EVERYTHING included.

Only a few tickets left – get yours now!



What does it consist of?

TrustGaia Retreats, the holistic element of TrustGaia, is focused on designing and organising activities aimed at improving the quality of our lives by focusing on health, well-being and personal/spiritual growth.


What is Bufo Alvarius?

The Medicine is extracted from a toad called Bufo Alvarius, who lives in the desert in Sonora, Mexico.

5 meo dmt is a neurotransmitter that is also found in the human brain, so it’s natural. The human body produces it in the Pineal gland; In small quantities- during meditation, deep sleep, at birth and at the moment we die die.

It is considered “brain food” because of the way the brain processes it, which are in a way similar to Glucose. This favors the healing and regeneration of the body, causing the release of a quantity considerable stress (unconsciously accumulated), managing to unlock the immunesystem and causing the physical, mental and/or emotional ailments to self-correct and heal gradually.

It is recommended to do a healthy diet at least 4 days before (green foods).

Avoiding alcohol and harmful substances. Have the stomach light and ideal during the day to do the process and with the sun above.

Not recommended for people with “diagnoses” as schizophrenia, paranoid, acute depression, stroke, or heart problems.

It is a very powerful process, where it is essential to let go of expectations, control, trust and allow it all to happen <3


What we offer:

Airport or Málaga Centro pick-up and drop-off (If you are not already on this Retreat)

One-to-one consultations

1 Bufo Alvarius Ceremony (It will start in the afternoon)


Is it for you?

Our passion and drive are to heal and treat the issues that are obstacles for our fellow human beings, whether it’s physical, energetic, emotional, mental or spiritual. 

It can be issues like addiction, anxiety, depression and anger – we can dive deep down in the unconcious mind – to discover where the energy is stuck.


You should know that …

  • The Retreat bus can pick you up in Málaga Airport or Málaga Centro, only 40 mins from the Retreat 🙂
  • You pay 200€ in total for everything included.
    You pay 100€ when you book the ticket here in the shop, to reserve your spot and to get your ticket sent by email. – The rest is paid for later, when you arrive. (100€ in cash as the 100€ are already discounted)
  • Find english & spanish information videos from our experienced shaman HERE

You will receive an e-mail, aswell as extra instructions by a phone call, to prepare you best possible for the Diet and if you have further questions/doubts.


“When we are clearing our inner worlds, it gives us new and clean free space, that allows us to create new realities as we want them and the possiblity to heal the inner child.”


Price includes…

  • Airport or Málaga Centro pick-up and drop-off (If you are not already on this Retreat)

  • One-to-one consultations

  • 1 Bufo Alvarius Ceremony

  • Connection with like minded people.


  • Price is per person.
  • It includes taxes.
  • Food/drinks or activities not mentioned here, are not included.
  • Restrictions apply.
  • Flight tickets are not included.
  • The rest of the Ceremony, besides of the deposit will be paid on arrival, directly with us.
  • It’s not allowed to bring drugs and alcohol.
  • TrustGaia can refund you as soon as and no later than 14 days after you have received the ticket or you have sent proof of having returned the ticket, whichever is earlier.
  • You should stick to the diet that you’ll receive by email or can be watched as a movie HERE, to benefit most from your Ceremony and to not influence the other participants too much with negative energies. One week before and one week after the Ceremony, you should NOT consume: Drugs, alkohol, red meat, spicy foods (chili, garlic, red pepper), fermented foods. No sexual activity and moderate consumption of salt and sugar.
  • We do not accept more than 6 people per Ceremony in order to ensure everyone gets the attention they deserve.


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